Intensive Training for Organization, Company, Goverment, Law and Justice, Educational Training, Skin Care, Make Up Short Course, etc.

Korea is a country with the best education system in 2019. Therefore, teachers need to learn from Korea / Japan.
thus, a good system will be transmitted to a country with a developing education system.

The development of architectural art, is a future need. So the need to upgrade themselves to get to know the development.
In this program, we will deliver architects to meet, discuss, and find references to countries that have advanced technology.

Science and technology are growing every time. We must follow it. At this moment, we connecting lecturers to explore knowledge and progress as well as establish cooperation between campuses in Indonesia and campuses in Korea.

Korean traditional medicine has been around for a long time, including ginseng and redpine. In the present, Korea also develops various new treatment formulas for wider human benefit.

Medical science in Korea has experienced many developments, this is evidenced by the high index of Korean people’s lives. This is because medical science meets great technology. We are committed to facilitating industry visits to hospitals, clinics, or medical equipment factories.